Internet Alliance (IA) is a legally registered association with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies representing the internet industry. x

Why Join IA

Joining IA gives you the most valuable experience, first-hand information and the winning edge over your competitors. Sharing is our hallmark, expertise is our nickname, and good service is our reputation. Imagine what you can benefit and learn from a group of highly successful and experienced technopreneurs. The benefits of being our members are simply endless.


Some of the benefits of being a member:

1 Access the data center and get to meet bandwidth provider, server provision company guys directly, and see what is heading next
2 Do business face-to-face among IA members
3 Gain unrivalled networking & knowledge from other IA members
4 Gain tactics and strategies to address issues in the industry like Data Storage, Management solutions, etc.
5 To be a part of the “Cloud, Data Centre & Hosting Exhibition” in 2011. 1st in Malaysia

IA has three classes of membership:

Membership Type Annual Fee  Apply Now
Corporate Member RM3,000 Join Now
Associate Corporate Member RM2,000 Join Now
Associate Individual Member RM1,000 Join Now