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Safe.Shop, the global trust mark, aims to enhance consumer confidence and trust to shop online, increase digital trade opportunities, and uphold consumer rights. Safe.Shop makes it easier for consumers to buy with confidence from webshops certified by a local Trust Partner. With the presence of a Safe.Shop certificate, consumers can now shop with confidence, knowing that the webshops they are dealing with are reliable.

Safe.Shop is initiated and operationally managed by the Ecommerce Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation initiated by worldwide national ecommerce associations and online and omnichannel selling companies from various industries such as retail, travel and finance. Safe.Shop had launched in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Netherlands and lately in Malaysia on 23 November 2017.

Internet Alliance is the appointed local Trust Partner of Ecommerce Foundation to perform the screening and assessment on webshops and award the trust mark to qualified Malaysia webshops.

The Benefits of Safe.Shop Trust Mark

Safe.Shop is the only trust mark that works globally. Safe.Shop helps you sell globally by increasing consumer trust with a clear Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct. By displaying the Safe.Shop logo on your website, you are ensuring consumers the reliability of your webshop.

In addition, Internet Alliance can be your efficient conflict resolution platform that provides you with the necessary support.


Increase conversion by up to 20%


Reduce legal costs and lawsuits


Grow your online business sales,
domestically and globally

How Does It Work?

  1. Register with Internet Alliance.
  2. Internet Alliance will conduct screening and assessment on your webshop.
  3. Wait for assessment result.
  4. Upon passing the assessment, Internet Alliance will award the Safe.Shop trust mark, and your webshop will be recognised by the Safe.Shop portal.
  5. Shall your webshop fails the assessment, advice for improvement will be provided.
    ** Yearly renewal is required for Safe.Shop Trust Mark to validate a webshop’s safety status.

For more information about Safe.Shop, please visit the Safe.Shop official website at

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