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The President’s Message 2014

chan-iaThe Internet Alliance of Malaysia is committed to provide a platform for all industry players to network and know each other better; share knowledge and experience; solve and seek solutions for industry-wide matters; and grow their respective industries bigger and better. We believe that by joining the IA, our members will get the most valuable experience and first-hand information to increase their competitiveness.

Malaysia’s Internet Based Businesses are very isolated and constantly working in silos, a common scenario today and in the past many years. Our country lacks a platform that can connect all online and internet businesses together.

And this is where the Internet Alliance comes in — to encourage and ensure that all of us share and collaborate our way to success!

To kick-start the initiatives, bring great benefits to all Internet based businesses and achieve our dreams and goals, starting from this year, I, the new president of the Internet Alliance, together with our committee members, shall form several subcommittees such as the following:

a) A Subcommittee for Membership Drive
— To recruit more members and make IA stronger. With the support and representation from more members across industries and locations, our voice will be heard.

b) A Subcommittee for Public Relations & Government Liaison
— To generate more awareness and publicity, so that the community, industry, and government agencies know and are aware of the IA. The IA also wishes to play a more proactive role in providing feedback and inputs to the government. Together we build a better Malaysia and a better Internet industry.

c) A Subcommittee for Ecommerce Development
— To encourage more businesses to leverage on the Internet and e-commerce, growing their businesses online. The e-commerce industry in Malaysia is still new and has many pending issues and obstacles ahead. Together, we can iron out the problems and re-map the e-commerce landscape. Our target is to grow Malaysian e-commerce from 1% total online retail spending to 8%.

d) A Subcommittee for Cloud Hosting Development
— All Internet Businesses need solid and reliable infrastructures such as data centres, server hosting, hardware and software for support. CLOUD continues to lay a strong foundation for businesses and remains as one of the core pillars of the IA. Our role is to encourage more contents and websites to be hosted in Malaysia.

e) A Subcommittee for Software as a Service (SaaS) Development
— Similar to e-commerce, Cloud SaaS is another upcoming industry in Malaysia. More software are going web-based. Mobile App based services are moving away from conventional application based. Many emerging SaaS providers in Malaysia will learn how to empower and grow this industry better. Together, with the IA acting as a platform, we can leverage on each other and grow the industry bigger.

f) A Subcommittee for Talent & Skill Development
— The shortage of IT talents is not a new issue. With the IA acting as a platform, we can better understand the demands from the various industries involved, and work together closely with the education sector (such as training centres) to develop the skills in demand, including the upgrade of professional skill-sets and the re-training of existing IT talents and knowledge workers.

Last but not least, I would like to invite all Internet-related businesses in Malaysia to join IA. Together, we can build a promising future!





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