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Blockchain Technology Workshop


31st October 2018 (Wednesday)


9.30am – 3.30pm


NEM Blockchain Centre

Blockchain, one of the new tech been discussing among the tech industry. Now, you may already learn a lot about Blockchain, you have been to conferences, try to understand this new tech element.

However, how could this new tech relate and apply to your business? Any idea?

Internet Alliance is collaborating with NEM, IA member to conduct a practical and hands-on workshop to assist you to discover its potential application in your business.

The workshop consists of 2 sessions: Blockchain 101 & Blockchain Focus Group 


Session 1: Blockchain 101 (Public & IA Members)
9:30am Registration
10:00am Blockchain 101
10:45am NEM 101
11:30am Coffee Break
11.45am Use Cases & Brainstorming Discussion Session
12.30pm Q & A
1:00pm Lunch

Session 2: Blockchain Focus Group (IA Members ONLY)
2.00pm Blockchain Focus Groups
– Business Simulation Project
– Technology Simulation Project
3.00pm Discussion
3.30pm Wrapup with learning summary
3.45pm End of workshop

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