Internet Alliance (IA) is a legally registered association with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies representing the internet industry. x

About Us

Internet Alliance is an association for all Internet service providers ranging from data centers, web hosters, solution providers to web designers and many more. It is formed by a body of committee of some of the most notable industry players to represent the Internet industry by providing information and services on numerous KEY AREAS such as represent as voice of the industry to communicate with the authorities, define legal framework to protect the industry players, expande Malaysia’s market, promote internet and digitalize in business, providing training on websites and internet usage.

Also known as the PERSATUAN HUBUNGAN INTERNET SELANGOR DAN KUALA LUMPUR (SELANGOR AND KUALA LUMPUR INTERNET ALLIANCE ASSOCIATION), IA (Internet Alliance) is a non-profit organization which prides itself in making profits for distribution to its members.

Our objectives are distinct and focused. We work for all the Internet users in the country, encourage, promote and render assistance in furtherance of business, welfare, culture and recreation beneficial to our members apart from safeguarding your rights and interest. At the same time, we are not afraid of getting our hands dirty by rendering any necessary assistance and dealing with problems affecting our members in order to improve your welfare and advancement.

Information sharing is another area which is of utmost importance in the Internet industry, and here we act as a channel/representation of the Internet industry players to provide a portal for our members to keep up with the latest trends and development in ensuring the most optimum use of time, cost and resources.

Furthermore, IA also acts as a representative to its members in dealing with matters concerning complaints and queries with the government and the private organizations or influential bodies.


Our Aims and Objectives:

(i) To escalate ideas and voice of the industry to the government and authorities to promote growth of industry
(ii) To relay government initiate, policy and direction to members.
(iii) To enhance information sharing within industry; domestic and international.
(iv) To enable members to leap on to explore and spread its wing of business domestically or into overseas market
(v) To create public awareness/to provide education on websites and internet usage
(vi) To assist in elevating the country internet infrastructure.
(vii) To promote a robust internet industry ecosystem.
(viii) To encourage, promote and render assistance in furtherance of business, welfare, culture and recreation beneficial to the members
(ix) To ensure the rights and interest of the members were upholding by IA to the extent as to render assistance and /to deal with problems affecting members as a whole and to take such steps as may be necessary for their welfare and advancement.

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