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About Us

A not for profit association set up in 2010 representing Malaysia’s major pool of internet service and ‘middleware’ infrastructure providers, which 95% of our members are homegrown tech companies and facilitates about 85% of Malaysia’s entire internet scene. There are currently over 50 IA corporate members who are in Data Centre, Computing system and infrastructure, webhosting, Digital Payment Solutions, eCommerce Solutions and others corporate with business relation in the ICT industry.

We organized business learning trips, industry conference, forum and workshops, networking events for business leaders to share experience and to enhance business development.


Our Mission

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To advocate for the digital ecosystem.
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To foster collaboration among members with government agencies, local and regional peers.
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To sustain and talent development for digital economy.

Internet Alliance Malaysia Believes In Inclusivity


"Evolution of technologies has led us to join forces in finding tune to commemorate the industry players. For eons, it is proven that the power of teamwork can enhance the juxtaposition of an ecosystem. We foster the relationship we have among members as we believe the preponderance of stars can never endanger one another but to profit from our contributions and support."

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IA Members conquering estimately 85% of Malaysia's entire internet scene

Sailing through the entrepreneurship journey can be lonesome. Let’s admit that. We need each other to reinforce the digital framework together and bring our Malaysian business forward. The success of a long and arduous journey could be remedied by having the same minded peers to sit down and have a chat with.

To have a chance on utilizing the resources you have within an association is beyond price.

With our members contributed more than RM 32,000,000,000 digital sales volume per year and conquering estimately 85% Malaysia's entire internet scene, you will reroute your existing business strategy and seamlessly elide into a better ecosystem.

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Talent Development Program



Through this initiative, our goal is to empower exceptional local talent, ensuring their growth.

Our aim is to introduce interns to our esteemed members and provide them with valuable training for the evolving tech working environment. With this partnership, we are determined to sustain and nurture local talent, ultimately improving Malaysia's talent lacuna.

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Tech Icon Series 

Internet Alliance Malaysia has gathered many sought after tech leaders in Malaysia for more than 10 years. This year, we are going to give you a glimpse of our members background and exposing the motivation behind their success. This will be a series of getting to know the leaders in Internet Alliance Malaysia who have contributed most of the tech economy in Malaysia.

Lee Cheung Loong_IPServerone


Episode 1

First President of Internet Alliance Malaysia

Lee Cheung Loong, CEO & Founder of IP ServerOne

Watch Here


Rockies Ma Photo


Episode 2

Creating Strong Ecosystem for Malaysia

Rockies Ma, Country Managing Director and CEO of H3C Malaysia

Watch Here

Wilson Lam


Episode 3

Surviving Industry Conundrums with Grit

Wilson Lam, CEO of Aegis Cloud

Watch Here

Lance Cheang (2)


Episode 4

From Breaking Free to Peeling Layers of Boundaries

Lance Cheang, Founder and Managing Director of Vlan Asia

Watch Here

Our Esteemed Members

Check out some of our new and long time members

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